You can choose the path
You can choose the destination
But you can’t choose both

This will totally change your perspective on accomplishing goals.
Let me explain ...

Imagine your goal is to reach $10k MRR within 8 months for a SaaS startup you’re launching.

That’s the destination.

In order to reach your goal, you come up with a plan on how to invest your resources - time and money, marketing, sales, product, research, r&d, etc.

The plan that you created is the path.

But there’s a catch.

The path you choose might lead to the destination you want to reach.

But it might not.

There is no “Google Maps” for life. Something that provides a guaranteed path, specifically for you, on how to achieve your goals, with step-by-step instructions and ETAs.

All too often I’ve seen people and companies who are dead sure that the path they chose leads to the destination they want to reach.

And then they get stuck, and push harder on the current path, when it's actually the path that's the problem.

Next time you’re stuck, do this:
Ask yourself if it’s time to change the path, or maybe stay on the path and accept it doesn’t lead to the destination you want (or at least not on the timetable you want).