I was recently asked "What are your favorite ways to collect & distribute insights from sales about prospect questions/pains? ?"

The truth is, my favorite way is NOT to ask the sales team.

When I joined Validately we had some internal discussion about our prospects biggest pain points. We could have used the general consensus inside the company, but we did something better.

We asked the prospects themselves.

We reached out to 10 recently lost opportunities, all from ICP prospects, and asked for a 30-minute paid research session. We also made the same offer to several new customers.

Sessions were conducted by an external freelancer to remove internal bias and encourage candid responses.

We asked about the user journey: first recognition of problems that needed to be solved, looking for a solution, understanding alternatives, the process of choosing a vendor, who was involved, criteria, and so on.

Interviews were recorded, tagged and summarized into a final Win/Loss Analysis Findings document which really helped us understand how our customer and potential customers perceive our solution, how it compares to other alternatives, and our biggest pros and cons.

This was by far the most effective (albeit time-consuming) way to understand the true problems of our prospects, as well as why we ended up winning or losing the deal.